about marginal ideas was initially just going to be a programming / random thought playground domain for myself, but that all changed on or about March 8th (read my little writeup of that day if you’re so inclined!).

I wrote a post or two after Toby was born as one would write in a journal – get your thoughts on paper (or screen, in this case) and get them out of your head. I also threw up a few pictures, direct links of which I emailed to relatives and friends. An unknown relatively tech savvy (as compared to, say, my father, who’ll fax me replies to an email!) receipient took my direct links, decided to check out what was on the main domain, discovered my journalizing (making up words now! 🙂 ), and passed it on to others. And within a matter of days, I started receiving comments and requests for more information on the little guy from relatives and friends all over the country. From that point on, it’s essentially become TobyFilter, an online homage to my son Tobias Spencer Oelkers. I plan on keeping this up to embarrass the little guy as a teenager! 😉

about the authors

The main author (namely me) is Sean Oelkers, though I’m trying to get my wife Lynn to throw up a post or two in the future should she be so inclined. The authors relocated from a stint in a few larger burbs ala Des Moines & Kansas City back to the small rural community of Dodge, Nebraska. Sean works as a tech geek, an occasional tax preparer, and tries to keep track of an ever-expanding stable of virtual real estate; Lynn works as Toby’s mom & as a teacher’s assistant – Sean’s got the far easier job in other words!

about toby

Well, that’s what the site is all about, now isn’t it? 🙂

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