4yo Video

Toby Tells A Story [video]


Toby tells a story. I’m still amazed that his preschool teacher has him + 17 more, and doesn’t have a serious drinking problem… 😉

4yo Holidays POTD

Pumpkin Carvin’ Wear

Pumpkin Carving Wear

All dressed up, ready to mangle a pumpkin or two… 🙂


Olympic Trials

Olympic Trials

Here we see Toby joining in in the Olympics gymnastic trampoline event. 🙂

4yo POTD school

First Day of School

Toby's First Day of School

I still don’t quite understand how it’s possible that the little baby we brought home just a short while can be going to school already. Even if it’s just preschool.

Nevertheless, here’s proof!

4yo Outdoors

Pointy Stick

A boy and a pointed stick... what could be better?

From the ‘Why We Chose To Live In The Country’ series — a boy and his pointy stick… 🙂