3yo Food POTD

Birthday Cupcake

Birthday Cupcake
A few days before his ‘big‘ party with all the Grandpas and Grandmas and various Aunts and Uncles and Nieces, Toby and Mom and Dad sat down and had a cupcake or two.

OK, OK. Mom and Dad might have had two; Toby, on the other hand, just had a little frosting… 😉

2yo Food POTD

POTD: Stolen Peach

Turn your back for a second, and Mom finds that peach she was saving magically disappears… 😉

[Sorry dialup users!]

Stolen Peach #1

Stolen Peach #2

Stolen Peach #3

Stolen Peach #4

1yo Food POTD

POTD: Wanna Share That?

Hey Mom, Wanna Share That With Us???

Hey, Mom – you wanna share that with us, don’t you?

1yo Food Holidays POTD

POTD: Spoils

How about a few more from Halloween?

Spoils of Halloween

Sucker, with Costume…

Same Spoils, Just a Little Later...

Sucker, without costume…

I was sure that sucker would end up stuck in Grandma’s carpet, but he amazingly kept track of it for a long time!