Monthly Updates? No more…

*27 days?!* Sheesh… almost a month between updates! I’ll have to work on that in a big way. I tend to overthink my postings, and sometimes it takes me a couple hours to finalize one. Since it takes me so long, and I often don’t have big blocks of time to write something up (I’ll partially blame the topic of this site!), I end up with things like _27 day_ breaks between posts. Which is definately not what I’m wanting for here.

h3. POTD(picture of the day)

In fact, I think I’ll go a slightly different route with what has become the Toby journal starting sometime in the next week or so. Since a lot of you seem to enjoy the pictures (and with Toby being as cute as he is, I don’t blame you!), I’m going to start doing picture-of-the-day posts with a scattering of my longer thought posts instead of the big-article-many-picture style I started with.

In other words, I’m going to force you to stop by every day to get your Toby fix (or you’ll have to hit the “archives”:/archives/ to catch up)! I’m not going to _guarantee_ a new pic every day; I may miss a day or two here and there, but I’m going to at least try to keep it going, if for no other reason than to keep a historical record for our little guy when he gets older.

h3. Toby Updates

So, what’s Toby been up to in the last month, you may be asking? Well, let’s see how Dad’s memory is and see if I can remember all that’s occurred this month, shall we?

First off, he’s been growing like a weed. The last doctor’s visit almost two weeks ago showed him breaking into the double digits at a whopping 10 1/4 pounds. He’s stretching out quite a bit as well – just a hair over 20″. That’d be like me gaining 120 pounds and 7.5″ in a month. Amazing!

He’s stopped in to see a doctor or three as well this month:

Dr. Arkfeld checked his eyes out once again, and as I assumed, everythings going wonderful on the eye front.

Next up was the pediatric orthopedist (the doctor’s name escapes me) for his previously broken leg. Again, a good report – everythings seems to have healed just fine.

Dr. Green checked him out and was fairly amazed at his growth (or so it seemed to me). Told us Toby was doing wonderfully!

After visiting Dr. Green, he got his first round of vaccinations. *Four*(!) shots into our little guy. Two nurses tag teamed him and gave him two shots at a time. I’m not going to lie and say he took ’em quietly, but a minute or two later and he was fine. No obvious reaction afterwords, but he was maybe a touch crankier for a few days.

Toby’s been on a number of little trips as well lately, mainly to the grandparents so they can get their Toby fix (really, guys, we don’t mind you stopping by!). Just about every weekend we make a trip up to Dodge and -get our free meal- visit the grandfolks and spend a relaxing afternoon away from home. Not that we were out and about all the time before Toby, but it _is_ nice to get out now and then!

And really, that’s about all as far as Toby news goes. Outside of the above, he does his normal baby things – eat, sleep, pee, poop, stare at the ceiling (what’s he looking at?!), stare at Mom & Dad, stare at random items, cry ever so infrequently (did I mention he’s a very mellow baby unless you make him wait more than 10 seconds for food?), attempt to pull out Dad’s arm hair.

You know, just normal baby stuff! 🙂

Stop back soon for the beginning of the POTD(picture of the day)!