six months

h3. Happy Birthday Toby!!!

Somehow, six months has already passed us by – everyone wish Toby a happy .5 year birthday!

!/images/106t.jpg (Happy .5 Birthday Toby!)!:/images/106.jpg

[09/08/04] Someone’s having a good birthday!

!/images/107t.jpg (Happy .5 Birthday Toby!)!:/images/107.jpg

[09/08/04] Happy Birthday from Mom!

!/images/108t.jpg (Happy .5 Birthday Toby!)!:/images/108.jpg

[09/08/04] And from a needing-a-shave-badly Daddy too!

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Happy 1/2 Birthday Toby!!!!
From your friend, Ashdon

And Congratulations on rolling over!! Soon you’ll be all over the place 🙂

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