adjusted age: zero

Well, if everything would have went exactly as planned (and what _ever_ does?), today would have been Toby’s birthday. Per the hospital’s parlance, that makes his “adjusted age”: zero today. The free ride’s over kiddo, time to act like a newborn! 😉

Some vital stats for our ‘newborn’:
* Weight: 8lbs and change (almost a pound gained this week!)
* Height: 18+ inches
* Hair color: black
* Eye color: blue (“for now”:

So, how about a few recent pics to tide you all over?

h3. First Family Picture

(Yeah, I know, I need a haircut – it’s been taken care of!)

!/images/35t.jpg (Mom, Dad & Toby)!:/images/35.jpg

h3. His latest chewtoy – Dad!

For whatever reason, he seems to enjoy chewing on Dad. Which is fine with me, ’cause it’s so damn cute! 🙂

!/images/32t.jpg (Toby uses Dad as a pacifier)!:/images/32.jpg

!/images/33t.jpg (Toby uses Dad as a pacifier)!:/images/33.jpg

h3. Oh, look at all the pretty colors!

He’s also paying more attention to the world around him, seriously checking out anything brightly colored or contrasted around him. Again, damn cute! 🙂

!/images/50t.jpg (Look at all those colors)!:/images/50.jpg

!/images/51t.jpg (Look at all those colors)!:/images/51.jpg

!/images/52t.jpg (I can fit that in my mouth, I know it)!:/images/52.jpg

!/images/40t.jpg (Mom and Toby read some Seuss)!:/images/40.jpg

h3. Just hangin’ out

Of course, he’s still a big fan of his baths…

!/images/53t.jpg (Relaxing in the bathtub)!:/images/53.jpg

and snuggling with Mom…

!/images/42t.jpg (Mom and Toby cuddling)!:/images/42.jpg

or just staring off into space!

!/images/41t.jpg (Mom and Toby spacing out)!:/images/41.jpg

h3. In Retrospect

While the last ten weeks have been at various times stressful as can be, I wouldn’t trade the time together for anything!

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He looks SOO good!!! Little squishy face. =) I’m so happy he’s doing so well.

lynn. Its Michelle’s Mom—I got to see the pictures and he’s so cute. Wish you were closer so I could hold him. Terry

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