POTD: just some cute ones

Just over seven days, just under seven pictures; that’ll work… 😉

Here’s a few random pics I’ve been meaning to put up, no particular order, but with the cutest little star in all of ’em!

h3. Baptism Day – Later On

!/images/127t.jpg (Asleep on Cousin Ashley)!:/images/127.jpg

[07/11/04] Asleep on Cousin Ashley after his Baptism

!/images/128t.jpg (Asleep on Cousin Taylor)!:/images/128.jpg

[07/11/04] Asleep on Cousin Taylor after his Baptism

h3. A Sure Way to Get a Smile from Toby? Stand Over Him

!/images/129t.jpg (Smiling up at Dad)!:/images/129.jpg

[07/19/04] Smiling up at Dad #1

!/images/130t.jpg (Smiling up at Dad)!:/images/130.jpg

[07/19/04] Smiling up at Dad #2

h3. Psycho Baby 🙂

!/images/131t.jpg (Heeere’s Johnny!)!:/images/131.jpg

[07/27/04] Heeere’s Johnny!

h3. Just Cute

!/images/132t.jpg (Just being cute in white)!:/images/132.jpg

[08/06/04] Just being cute in white…

h3. Toby’s Awful Good at Injuring Himself

!/images/133t.jpg (Tough Guy)!:/images/133.jpg

[08/10/04] Tough Guy