POTD(M?): Some more random older ones

Y’all need to harass me more and I won’t make you wait a month (or almost two) for a new pic or two… 😉

Here’s a quick foursome while posting is in my head – enjoy, and more to come!

!/images/134t.jpg (Talking to the Baby in the Mirror)!:/images/134.jpg

[08/30/2004]Toby talking to the Baby in the Mirror

!/images/135t.jpg (Wake Up Daddy!)!:/images/135.jpg

[09/05/04] Wake Up Daddy!

!/images/136t.jpg (Jester Toby #1)!:/images/136.jpg

[09/24/04] Jester Toby #1

!/images/137t.jpg (Jester Toby #2)!:/images/137.jpg

[09/24/04] Jester Toby #2