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some more random pics

Just some new pics for everyone… enjoy! 🙂

h4. Harrassing Toby

Mom & Dad can’t help harrassing the little cutie!

p(images). !/images/tobyandfingers_sm.jpg(Mom & Dad Harrass Toby)!:/images/tobyandfingers_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyhand_sm.jpg(Dad Harrasses Toby on His Own)!:/images/tobyhand_lg.jpg

h4. Taking a Bath

Well, still no naked baby pictures (he does *NOT* like being naked outside), but at least here’s a few of him swaddled up while we try to give him his bath.

p(images). !/images/tobybath1_sm.jpg(Toby Takes A Bath)!:/images/tobybath1_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobybath2_sm.jpg(Toby Takes A Bath)!:/images/tobybath2_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobybath3_sm.jpg(Toby Takes A Bath – despite the expression, he does seem to enjoy his baths!)!:/images/tobybath3_lg.jpg

h4. New Home

This morning he was moved out of his isolette (the acrylic, well, box he was in since about 3 days old – helped regulate his temperature) into his very own crib. And how did he get his own bed, you ask? By being a lil’ piggy – Toby’s broken the four pound mark (by an ounce or two)!

He’s got a couple blankets along with the colorful quilt you see and is dressed in a fairly warm sleeper, since he’s still working at getting the whole steady temperature concept down. And since he’s working extra hard to keep that temp steady, he did quite a bit of sleeping today. So, Mom’s attempts at feeding him were more akin to sleep-nuzzled-in-mom’s-arms sessions. Not that that’s a bad thing! 🙂

p(images). !/images/tobycrib1_sm.jpg(Relaxing in the New Home)!:/images/tobycrib1_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobycrib2_sm.jpg(Relaxing in the New Home)!:/images/tobycrib2_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobycrib3_sm.jpg(Relaxing in the New Home)!:/images/tobycrib3_lg.jpg

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What a liitle cutie!
We are so thrilled to hear that he is up to 4lbs.
That sure is wonderful news.
At this rate hopefully he will be home soon with Mom and dad .
We love all of the pictures , Auntie and Uncle looks pretty proud.

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