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a few days later, a few more pics

Slacking again, I know. Not a ton of news re:our little (for now) guy, but I’ll try to fill those interested in with bits and pieces.

He continues to put on weight, and is already somehow up to 4 pounds, 8 1/4 ounces, as you can see from his daily trip to the scale from tonite (almost naked pics to boot – he’s getting good at hiding the eyes from upcoming pictures though!):

p(images). !/images/tobyweight.jpg(4 pounds, 8 1/4 ounces!)!

p(images). !/images/tobyfat2_sm.jpg(Almost naked baby getting weighed)!:/images/tobyfat2_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyfat1_sm.jpg(Almost naked baby getting weighed)!:/images/tobyfat1_lg.jpg

This Sunday, he had a few more visitors – Grandpa & Grandma Faltin and Uncle Gary & Aunt Lynette got to stop in and see him. Ashley, Taylor, & Cameryn (correct any mispellings Lynette!) came along as well, but unfortunately anyone under 14 can’t go into the NICU unless they’re brothers or sisters. Sorry gals! Hope you didn’t get too bored hanging out!

p(images). !/images/tobyandgrandpafaltin_sm.jpg(Grandpa F checks out his grandson)!:/images/tobyandgrandpafaltin_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyandlynnette_sm.jpg(Aunt Lynette ponders #4)!:/images/tobyandlynnette_lg.jpg

Grandma Oelkers stopped by again today, but of course, Dad forgot to snap a picture or two. Next time!

In other Toby related news, he’s working hard at keeping his temp up – was running a little cool the last few days (low 97s). When he’s cool, he’s sleepy, and so spent a the majority of time just napping away.

p(images). !/images/tobynaps_sm.jpg(Toby’s main occupation these days – Napping!)!:/images/tobynaps_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobytonap_sm.jpg(Getting ready to nap)!:/images/tobytonap_lg.jpg

But today he was keeping himself pretty balmy (mid 98s), so he wanted to check everything out…

p(images). !/images/tobyandmomlook_sm.jpg(Toby & Mom check each other out)!:/images/tobyandmomlook_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobylooking_sm.jpg(Toby checks out his new digs)!:/images/tobylooking_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobygrabsnose_sm.jpg(Get this off my face!)!:/images/tobygrabsnose_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobygimme_sm.jpg(Gimme that back…)!:/images/tobygimme_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobywonders1_sm.jpg(Wonder what they’re looking at…)!:/images/tobywonders1_lg.jpg

So, what’s left to do before he can make the trip home? Well, he’s just going to have to make the I’m-hungry-give-me-that-food connection and actually eat for a decent amount of time. We (or should I say, Mom – I just try to stay out of the way) have been offering milk to him a few times a day for the past week. Some days he seems to get the concept, some days he doesn’t. And when he does, sometimes he eats his fill (which the nurses define as 15 to 20 minutes of feeding), sometimes he just tuckers out after five minutes. The goal is eight unassisted feedings (once every three hours) completed in a day – the best he’s done is one unassisted with a couple 7-8 minute ones thrown in in a day. But he’s getting better at it all the time, and I have no doubt that before long they’re going to scare the hell out of us and tell us he’s ready to go home!

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Hi Guys,
So glad Toby is doing well!!! I spend my lunch time checking out the website for updates 🙂 Love the pictures, he is such a cutie!
By the way, Ashdon started crawling and I’ve started running after him:-} Love to you all!!!!!

Hi Lynn and Sean,

Thanks so much for the updates. Toby just looks like such a sweetheart. How blessed the two of you are. And he’s doing so well. He must have a lot of Lynn’s spunk and a healthy dose of Sean’s sunny side of life outlook. I really wonder what he’s thinking! Randy, Kelsey and I send our love and prayers. We hope to hear that the good people taking care of him will scare the hell out of you too! Home is where he’s quickly heading!

Love, hugs and kisses!

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