Miscellaneous POTD

spa, easter, and lately

h4. Spa Treatment

As I said in the “previous post”:, Toby had to make a trip back to his isolette for a few days to get his temperature back up. More than one of his nurses called this his ‘spa treatment’, so that’s how I’m going to think of it. He certainly seemed to enjoy it… and we enjoyed seeing him spending a bit more time awake than seeing him exhausting himself trying to keep warm!

p(images). !/images/tobyspa1_sm.jpg(Attack of the giant hand!)!:/images/tobyspa1_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyspa2_sm.jpg(Here it comes again!)!:/images/tobyspa2_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyspa3_sm.jpg(Keep that hand away from me!)!:/images/tobyspa3_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyspa4_sm.jpg(Good to see the little guy’s eyes again!)!:/images/tobyspa4_lg.jpg

h4. Easter Visitors

Easter Sunday was a busy day for Toby – a whole gaggle of visitors dropped in for some full-scale harrassment. Uncle Kelly finally got to see his nephew up close and personal; Grandma & Grandpa Faltin stopped by again, bringing Grandma Oelkers in as well. Finally got a few pictures with the grandmas – they always seem to sneak off before I can grab a shot or two…

p(images). !/images/tobyandkelly_sm.jpg(Uncle Kelly greets his nephew)!:/images/tobyandkelly_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobymomandgrandmaf_sm.jpg(Howdy Grandma F!)!:/images/tobymomandgrandmaf_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyshockedgrandmaf_sm.jpg(No idea what happened here, but Grandma F seems thrilled…)!:/images/tobyshockedgrandmaf_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyandgrandmas_sm.jpg(Grandmas gang up on Toby)!:/images/tobyandgrandmas_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyandgrandmao_sm.jpg(Finally caught Grandma O)!:/images/tobyandgrandmao_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyandgrandmao2_sm.jpg(Got her twice in one day!)!:/images/tobyandgrandmao2_lg.jpg

p(images). !/images/tobyandthefaltins_sm.jpg(Toby, meet the Faltins)!:/images/tobyandthefaltins_lg.jpg

Apparently, someone’s already trying to get his affiliations set…

p(images). !/images/tobychiefs_sm.jpg(Oh, come on, like the Chiefs’ll ever win it all!)!:/images/tobychiefs_lg.jpg

The Faltin men take a cue from Toby… 🙂

p(images). !/images/larrysleeps.jpg(Larry follows Toby’s lead)!

p(images). !/images/kellysleep.jpg(Kelly follows Toby’s lead)!

h4. Lately

So, what’s news lately? Several things…

First off, out from the isolette he goes again. I’m under the impression that he was out late Sunday; Lynn seems to think sometime Monday. How we can lose track of something from a couple days ago seems odd, but it’s been an odd time in our lives! Either way, so far he’s doing very well, generally keeping himself in the low to mid-98s with just a couple light blankets (versus the two or three light blankets, two layers of warm clothes, and a layer or two of his quilt the last time). A day or two more and we can probably not worry about his temperature anymore and can focus exclusively on getting him eating on his own.

Monday was a busy day for little Toby on the medical front. Apparently all the blood work that goes on while a baby is in the NICU resulted in him being a bit anemic. The doctor recommended giving him a couple blood transfusions to take care of that, and of course, we took his advice. So poor little Toby gets an IV hooked up for the day, along with more blood work (have to make sure they’re giving him the absolute right type of course). Want to make Toby mad? Do some blood work! I felt bad for the harrassment incurred upon him, but it’s good to know he’s got the strength to (loudly) complain should the need arise. All went well with his transfusions, and today he’s got quite a bit more color to him, along with quite a boost in his energy level.

Finally, to make his day complete, he got to have himself a little eye test. So, a couple drops to dilate his eyes (yet another way to make him mad). Followed by a visit from the pediatric ophthalmologist, who had the unenviable job of holding Toby’s eyes open with a couple small apparatuses and checking them for “retinopathy of prematurity”: The results? Toby has Stage 1 ROP(retinopathy of prematurity), which is the lowest level of the disease. Meaning that, like himself, his eyes are just premature and he’ll most likely be just fine given a little maturing time.

More to come as spare time allows, stay tuned! 🙂