win a few, lose a few

Well, it can’t all be smooth as silk, and today we had our first minor setback.

As I mentioned earlier, Toby has been working hard to keep his temperature up where it belongs, but just hasn’t gotten there yet. He just can’t seem to break out of the lower 97 range, when he really should be in the 98s.

Lynn called me at the office for Toby’s morning-doctor’s-report report, and today it was decided to quit having him work so hard, and back to the isolette he goes for a few days. The doctor had brought up the possibility a couple days ago, but with as (relatively) smoothly as everything has gone up to this point, I didn’t think much of of it. And honestly, it isn’t particularly troubling to me – he is, after all, still just 4 weeks old, and Mom would have been all of 34 weeks along at this point had he not made his entrance – so much developing still lies ahead.

So at worst it’s just a little disappointing to me, since it likely means he won’t arrive home quite as early as I’d hoped. Of course, I could be wrong, and the extra time in the isolette may speed his arrival for all I know – gain a little weight; gain a little strength; gain a little stronger zest for eating; certainly not bad things. Still, I’m sure when I see him later this afternoon, I will not be all that thrilled to see him back in his old home. But if it means a stronger little boy when he _does_ get home, you won’t hear a complaint out of me!

Oh, and what do you know, *Happy One Month Old cutie!* 🙂